After 29 years serving South West Chicago,
South Side Christian Counseling Center is closing the doors January 1, 2016.

We are closing because we just couldn’t find the caliber of therapist we felt we need to take care of our friends in need.
After the death of our founder, we wanted to be a place that was more Christ centered and for that to happen we needed people who were sold out to Christ, not the wisdom of someone less.
We focused on finding people who used psychology to determine the problems and Jesus’ Word to solve them, unfortunately we could not find therapists who could or would do that. We would rather go out of “business” then bring you less than the best to help you in life.
There are tons of counselors out there, but pray before you pick one. When you do, ask them “If you had to counsel me for free would you?” Ask them about where they go
to church, what kinds of things do they do in the community as volunteers. There are many “wolves in sheep’s clothing” out there, and you might just be their next meal.
Remember “Christian” in the name of the counseling center might not mean much more than a marketing tool. We leave you with the SSCCC bill of client rights, if where you end up can’t stand by these move on! Remember they work for you .

1. You have the right to prompt service.
From the time you make your first call, to the time of your last visit you deserve our total attention. We will do our best to not keep you waiting long.

2. You have the right to know that your counselor is thinking about you, not your money.
No one should ever view you as a paycheck. As a Christian family SSCCC has a “Higher call” and we will demonstrate that in how we serve you.

3. You have the right to your privacy.
SSCCC is 100% Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant.

4. You have the right, if you choose, to have your counselor pray with you at the beginning and or end of every session.
The staff of SSCCC are Christians first and therefor are excited to invite Christ into your counseling process, but you will make that final decision. You are no less important if you choose not to.

5. You have the right to know that as a Christian Counseling Center we do not discriminate on any basis against the people who come through our doors.
We will serve you no matter your sex, color, orientation, age or type of car you drive. Christ didn’t care about those thing and we don’t either.

6. You have the right to know that our counselors are Christian, but they will not force their Worldview on anyone.
We are called to love. Love is demonstrated in our actions, not words.

7.If this is not where you are meant to be, we will assist you in finding others that can serve you better.
Our number one goal is to see you as healthy as you can be. If you find that we are not getting you there, please let us know so that we can help you find someone that can.

Copyright 2015 SCCC